Company Identity

We are an organisation of professional tax consultants committed to providing a necessary service to the wider community of South Africa at a very affordable price, focusing primarily on individuals and SME’s.

We offer an unrivalled and comprehensive income tax-assist solution and primarily will complete, submit and deal with any queries from SARS as well as if necessary lodge objections or investigate queries on your behalf in relation to your income tax. In short, we will be your representative and liaise with SARS regarding any income tax query you might have and we will deal with SARS on your behalf, under your authority.

Our Unique Offering

To make it affordable for all South Africans, we allow you to pay our cost in the form of a monthly retainer fee payable over a 12 month cycle. The retainer fee is an all-inclusive fee and there are no hidden costs. We are probably the only tax consulting company in South Africa that will do the majority of your work upfront and allow you to pay us back in monthly installments without interest.


all the electronic information you need

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It has been a pleasure dealing with tax-assist over the last 5 years. Thank you for the excellent service.   You guys have impressed me year after year. Keep up the great work. Andrea (Legal advisor)
Legal Advisor
I only have good things to say about tax-assist – I highly recommend them for tax services. Sean (Entrepeneur)
Fast, efficient and friendly tax consulting services. Look no further than tax-assist. Marilyn (Event Co-ordinator)
Event Co-ordinator
Discovering Tax-assist was like a breath of fresh air. I had arrear tax returns going back many years. Emeldah Majaya went the extra mile and got all my tax returns up to date in less than a week. Ebrahim (Model)
I have been very impressed with your friendliness and responsiveness. I would go as far as to say you set a benchmark in customer service that other companies could learn a lot from. Hayley (Sales Representative)
Sales Representative