About Us

Tax-Assist was established by O’Brien Financial Services in 2001 as a response to the growing demand for a fast, no-nonsense value for money tax consulting and administration solution.

Co-founders, brothers and entrepreneurs, Imran and Clint O’Brien identified the potential to transform the existing income tax division at O’Brien Financial, which delivered an incidental service to clients, into a comprehensive tax solution that could be managed and administered for thousands of South Africans.

“We’ve been doing this for some time, and we intend to do it better than before every time.”

Our vision is to service the wider community of South Africa with proficient income tax consulting and administration. We know that all income earners can financially benefit from sound tax advice and the majority of South Africans are not using the tax benefits/subsidies available to them.

  • Tax-assist is a black empowered, we are 100% Black owned, employ BEE procurement and employment polices, we are a true progeny of the new South Africa.
  • Tax-assist is a division of O’Brien Financial – an authorized financial services provider – FSP license number 19808.
  • Founded in Claremont, Cape Town, tax-assist has become a truly national service with clients all over South Africa.
  • Tax-assist also deals with an increasing number of SA residents who are living and/or working abroad.