The following represent the type of questions we most often get concerning our service. We haven’t included the really ridiculous ones, but maybe we will one day.

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Shouldn't I be able to do my tax return myself?

Well, yes and no. Yes if you’re really confident and right up to date with South African income tax legislation. No if you’re not. It sort of depends on what you’re good at and whether you prefer to leave certain things to those who know what they’re doing. For example, we don’t service our own cars, build our own houses, and carry out our own dental work…

If I'm due a tax refund, do you retain a percentage?

No. It’s your money, not ours. We charge our standard fee for dealing with your tax affairs and if you’re due a refund you get every cent of it.

I'm several years behind with my tax. Can you help?

Almost certainly. We can usually sort out arrears quickly, and can offer reduced fees where more than one year needs to be settled.

Does it matter that I'm not very local to you?

No. Just tax-assist works fine using phone, fax, post, email or a combination of all of them. One of the big advantages of this service is that you don’t have to pay a personal visit to a crusty old accountant!

If I use you, will you deal with the tax man for me?

So far as we can, yes. We generally ask new clients to sign an authority form so that we receive copies of tax statements etc direct. Unfortunately, the Revenue’s system isn’t 100% foolproof, so it’s still very important that our clients keep us fully informed of any correspondence they receive.

I've just started in business. Can you help me across the board to understand what I need to be doing?

Of course, this is what we do best. We find most of our entrepreneurs need a holding hand in the beginning, but with our support we’ll have you smiling every time you hear other people lamenting about how much tax they have to pay.

I’m changing jobs, or, I’ve changed jobs 3 times this year. What is all this stuff about Pension or Provident Fund transfers and whatnot?

Breathe, don’t worry, its we do, we’ll make sure you understand what is happening, how it works, and when to do what, to make it all work out.

Can you deal with one-off Capital Gains Tax calculations and things like that?

Yes. Almost anything to do with South African taxation can be covered.

Can you get me directives, and help with exchange rate clearances, structure my travel allowance, deregister me.

All of it. Getting the picture?


  • It has been a pleasure dealing with tax-assist over the last 5 years. Thank you for the excellent service.   You guys have impressed me year after year. Keep up the great work. Andrea (Legal advisor)
    Legal Advisor
  • I only have good things to say about tax-assist – I highly recommend them for tax services. Sean (Entrepeneur)
  • Fast, efficient and friendly tax consulting services. Look no further than tax-assist. Marilyn (Event Co-ordinator)
    Event Co-ordinator
  • Discovering Tax-assist was like a breath of fresh air. I had arrear tax returns going back many years. Emeldah Majaya went the extra mile and got all my tax returns up to date in less than a week. Ebrahim (Model)
  • I have been very impressed with your friendliness and responsiveness. I would go as far as to say you set a benchmark in customer service that other companies could learn a lot from. Hayley (Sales Representative)
    Sales Representative

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