To make it affordable for all South Africans, we allow you to pay our cost in the form of a monthly retainer fee payable over a 12 month cycle. The retainer fee is an all-inclusive fee and there are no hidden costs. We are probably the only tax consulting company in South Africa that will do the majority of your work upfront and allow you to pay us back in monthly instalments without interest. Obviously, if you would like to pay us as a once off amount, it can be arranged. Please note VAT is charged on all services and prices are all inclusive of VAT. Clients will be issued with invoices.

Subscription Fees:

Three unique options designed for your benefit.

Level 1 tax-assist member

R 128.40 /month or R 1540.80 /annum

Only income from relevant IT3 and IRP5 Certificates

Only deductions for Medical aid, Retirement Annuities (current and arrear) and Retirement funds.


Level 2 tax-assist member

R 181.90 /month or R 2182.80 /annum

Level 1 income sources plus income from Rental Income, Foreign Dividends and Lump sums from Retirement funds.

Level 1 deductions plus Travel, Donations, Entertainment and Other Deductions.


Level 3 tax-assist member

R 321 /month or R 3852 /annum

Level 2 income sources and deductions plus taxable income/loss from business, trade or profession.


Sundry Services:

Confirmation of Earnings Letter: R 250

Assistance with Home Loan Applications: R 550

Tax Clearance Certificates: R 250

SARS Objections: R 450

Tax Directive Application: R 450

Become A Member:

It’s easy as 1,2,3. Join us today

  • Complete required application form
  • Fax the completed form to us at 086 504 7857 or email us at
  • Sit back, put your feet up and wait for one of our consultants to call you.
Once your application is processed and you become a member of tax-assist your days of worrying about deadlines, penalties and objections are over. You can then tell all your friends and family and invite them to become tax-assist members too and rather be sure.